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Marie Chandler

Elizabeth City Area Realtor
Cell: (252) 339-7568 · Office: (252) 335-8600

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Information For Sellers

First, let me say it is a privilege to be considered to market your property.  I would like to give you some basic information about what you can expect while your home/property is on the market:

1.  Selling your home is a team effort between you, me and my office.  We set the strategy and give you advice but you make the decisions.

2.  It is our responsibility to help you enhance the buyer appeal of your home/property before it goes on the market so that it sells for the highest price.

3.  It is our responsibility to help you select the very best list price.... not under price it and give some of your savings away or.... not over-price it and scare the buyers away.  We must select the best list price that will bring the highest and best sales price.

4.  It is our responsibility to give your home/property total market exposure with a coordinated three prong marketing approach (Global, National and Local).  We advertise on all the large real estate websites for global, national and local market exposure and, of course, advertise in local newspapers and real estate magazines.  Yard sign are installed and provide some of the best exposure locally.

5  It is my responsibility to keep you informed about buyer interest in your home/property.  I will be sending you reports from some of the large websites showing number of times your listing information is viewed by prospective buyers.  I will inform you when an agent wants to show your home and follow up with feedback from that agent after the showing.

6.  I am responsible to be a trusted advisor.... to provide my sellers with up to date information so that good decisions can be made.  I will always look out for your best interest.

I always try to create a successful sale where the sale closes on time, with the fewest problems and obtains the highest price the market will allow for your listing.

Some questions to consider

When will we receive a key?

When will the sign go up?

When will the first ad appear and where?

When will pictures be completed?

When will the listing go into the MLS?

Will a lockbox be installed and when?

How will showings be handled?

What happens when an offer is received?

Just a cautionary note:

We could get a  buyer all the way to closing day and for some reason the sale falls out. It's a possibility and we have seen it happen before... not often, thank Goodness.  We will stay on top of the process to prevent this from happening.  It is a nightmare for us and you.

We may receive low offers in this market.  That's okay...  we don't have to accept a low offer.... we will just counter the offer.

Agents showing your home may leave a light on.  We diligently try to check the home over before leaving to make certain all is in order when we shut the door.   If you have a lockbox on your home, we will be able to determine which agent showed your home and which day and time.