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From Edenton's very beginning to the time when freedom from England was finally achieved, Edenton was a hot-bed and center of continuous revolt and resistance to the Crown.  In August 1774 when a mass meeting of citizens presided over by Daniel Earle, rector of St. Paul's Church, gathered at the court house and publicly denounced the unjust imposition of taxes and prosecutions and condemned the Boston Port Act,  He declared that the cause of Boston was the cause of us all.

The famous Edenton Tea Party occurred on October 25, 1774 when 51 ladies of the town met and openly resolved not to drink tea nor wear any cloth from England until the tax acts were repealed.  The site of the Edenton Tea Party is marked by a Colonial teapot mounted on a Revolutionary cannon.  

John Hewes, a Signer of the Declaration of Independence, was a citizen of Edenton, a large ship-owner and merchant, who carried on a great trade with England and the West Indies.  War meant a tremendous financial sacrifice to Hewes but, true patriot that he was, he signed the Declaration and put his entire fleet at the disposal of the Continental forces.

Samuel Johnston of Edenton was a leader in the movement for freedom and was the first United States Senator from NC. James Iredell was a political leader in Edenton for many years.  He was appointed by George Washington to the Supreme Court of the United States.  The Revolutionay cannon brought from France is now mounted on Edenton's "Battery" at the foot of the Courthouse Green.

During the Civil War, Edenton sent several units to fight for the southern cause. 

Now a modern city, Edenton is fortunate in having preserved many old buildings, rich in their association with Colonial times.  It's courthouse, erected in 1767, is the oldest in NC.  Through six conflects, the call to arms has resounded within it's walls.  St. Paul's Parish was formed in 1701.  The "Cupola House" was built in 1758 and now houses the Edenton Museum.  Many, many historic homes have been preserved and offer a delightful walk through the historic area.